Better Practice Hack: Band & Orchestra Scores

Picture this: it’s the end of marching & football season and your students are turning in their pep band music. It inevitably ends up in a big pile at the end of the season that you (or some kind soul who agrees to help) have to sort through and reorganize for next year. Then you do it all over again the next year.

What if you could just organize everything once, and distribute the sheet music each year with the tap of a button?

Most of our teachers love our Custom Books features for putting together their own curriculum and materials into an organized digital book. But you can use it in a slightly different way to distribute a collection of sheet music all at once.

Using the pep band example, here’s how it would work. You create the book for Pep Band music, then create assignments as each instrument section. Within these assignments, upload all of the sheet music for each section. You might separate further by Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, etc. Then, simply add the book to all of your students and assign them their parts. Voila! All of their sheet music in one place.

Is your band tasked with playing (the much dreaded) Pomp and Circumstance at the graduation each year? Make a book for that sheet music, too. Did we mention the best part? You never have to remake the book or reupload the songs ever again! They stay in the app and you can assign from them each and every year. This is a super easy way to get them copies they can practice from at home, or if they ever forget their music, they can open it on their phone. (And, when some students inevitably lose the music, they can print a new one from home!)

This is just one feature Better Practice has to help you optimize your music program and make things easier on you as a teacher. Be sure to stay tuned for more school-friendly features and functions coming soon!

Are you a public/private school and interested in Better Practice? Ask us about our special school pricing!