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Easiest Way To Get Students To Practice Over The Break

Do you close your studio for the summer but want students to keep practicing over break?

Let Better Practice’s smart engine help you and your students stay productive - whether it’s a month or three, students will stay up to date and not lose any skill that they worked on previously.

How does it work?

Remove the current assignments and mark any assignments you want them to work on as Review, and Better Practice’s review engine will automatically create a personalized, responsive practice schedule for your students. Then move the default practice list to Standard for a good rotation and that’s it! Once you do the setup, it’ll run on its own. The app will know what needs to be practiced the most, so students won’t forget will keep their technique fresh and their repertoire up to date!

All students have to do is follow their practice list daily (or whenever they get around to practicing).

Staying in touch

Your students may run into roadblocks on their time away from lessons - lack of motivation, questions on how to play something, or even (best case scenario!) finishing all of their assignments early and not having anything new left to learn. In all of these cases, you can use Better Practice to stay in touch and adjust course if need be. Students can send you questions via the chat and even submit recordings to you there if you want to make extra sure they’re really practicing! You can send encouragement, reminders, or even set up a practice contest to keep engagement up.


Even when your studio is on break, you still want your students to practice. How many times have you seen a student after break and they act like the entire past year never happened?

With Better Practice, not only can you stay informed about your students’ practice, they (and their parents) can stay informed as well. You can be as involved as you want, from setting up weekly emails of your studio’s practice stats to simply logging in once in a while to see what students have been up to.


Keep your students’ skills fresh over break in the easiest way possible - with Better Practice’s review engine. Students won’t forget what they’ve learned or let their skills get rusty, and lessons will pick up much faster when returning. You’re also more likely to have returning students if you keep this line of connection with them through the break!