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What is Visualization? Visualization is the process of mentally experiencing or simulating an experience in order to prepare for it. It’s a technique that top performers have been using for decades and have been proven by countless studies to be effective. The goal is to have rehearsed a performance… Read More

You practice sections over and over, yet when you go to play your whole piece you still stop and stumble at those same sections. Why is that? It’s because you haven’t been chaining. Chaining is incorporating a small section that you worked on gradually back into the larger piece. Usually, this is do… Read More

Sometimes when I was younger, I would get a piece to learn that was so long or so difficult that I just didn’t know where to start. I would get overwhelmed just looking at it. So day after day, I’d put it off - until, before I knew it, a week passed and I hadn’t touched the piece. I’d sulk into my d… Read More