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How Having Someone Can Make All the Difference: In our journey through life, we often find that having someone by our side can make a significant impact on our experiences and outcomes. Whether it's a workout partner refusing to let us skip a day, a study buddy helping us grasp complex concepts, or … Read More

Turning music into a sustaining career has always been seen as a challenge. From the stereotype of the “starving artist,” to the stigma of arts not being considered a “real job,” quite a bit of negative opinion exists with regards to the field. But that’s not to say it’s true! In fact, some artists … Read More

If you love music and have a passion for inspiring and motivating others, you might be looking into becoming a music teacher. After all, a music teacher was most likely the one that set you on this path! Whether you’re aiming to be a music teacher at a school or to own a private studio, here are som… Read More

Making a comfortable living as a performing musician - can it be done? Sometimes the worry and doubt drive people out of this field, even when they are talented. Some parents worry that their child might not make a living at all if they pursue music, and in some extreme cases, will not allow a child… Read More

Memorizing a piece is great… once it’s memorized. You can play with more emotion and not be tied to checking if you’re playing the right notes. But getting there is the hard part. What are things you need to be doing to memorize a piece effectively and quickly? Break it down! 1. Use chunking. To mem… Read More

Practicing on vacation is an often-debated topic. Many emphasize the importance of mental and physical rest (at least for a short time), while others don’t see traveling as a reason to stop practicing and improving, especially if they love doing it. Maybe you got a big gig that unfortunately falls r… Read More