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How Having Someone Can Make All the Difference: In our journey through life, we often find that having someone by our side can make a significant impact on our experiences and outcomes. Whether it's a workout partner refusing to let us skip a day, a study buddy helping us grasp complex concepts, or … Read More

Turning music into a sustaining career has always been seen as a challenge. From the stereotype of the “starving artist,” to the stigma of arts not being considered a “real job,” quite a bit of negative opinion exists with regards to the field. But that’s not to say it’s true! In fact, some artists … Read More

If you love music and have a passion for inspiring and motivating others, you might be looking into becoming a music teacher. After all, a music teacher was most likely the one that set you on this path! Whether you’re aiming to be a music teacher at a school or to own a private studio, here are som… Read More

Making a comfortable living as a performing musician - can it be done? Sometimes the worry and doubt drive people out of this field, even when they are talented. Some parents worry that their child might not make a living at all if they pursue music, and in some extreme cases, will not allow a child… Read More

Several studies have shown that education in music has an incredible impact on the developing mind. There is a body of research that identifies a “window of opportunity” for children from the age 0 to 9 years to develop a musical sensibility. During this period, the mental mechanism and structures w… Read More