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Teachers play an important role in the lives of their students. Many young people are shaped by their instructors from a very young age and you can see the effects of that shaping quite clearly. In terms of music, teachers are responsible for teaching their students how to play their instrument and … Read More

Practicing on vacation is an often-debated topic. Many emphasize the importance of mental and physical rest (at least for a short time), while others don’t see traveling as a reason to stop practicing and improving, especially if they love doing it. Maybe you got a big gig that unfortunately falls r… Read More

This is a continuation from last week's article: How To Make A Habit Stick. Make sure you read that first to understand the steps we use below! This week, we'll explain and provide examples on how you can use these rules to create good practice habits. Use this worksheet to create your habit plan us… Read More

For a typical music school, 80 percent of students are youths. This means families are involved. Families are invested (in their child's growth but also... financially). They are the ones who pick up, drop off, sit through lessons, figure out the assignments and make sure their kids practice during … Read More