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How Having Someone Can Make All the Difference: In our journey through life, we often find that having someone by our side can make a significant impact on our experiences and outcomes. Whether it's a workout partner refusing to let us skip a day, a study buddy helping us grasp complex concepts, or … Read More

As we make our way through the coronavirus pandemic, we are starting to see areas that are lifting stay at home restrictions and you may be planning to reopen your music studio soon. In order to keep everyone safe and make them feel comfortable, you will have to have certain precautions in place. We… Read More

Stay-at-home orders are hitting music teachers hard. Many students are putting lessons on hold, maybe because of their own financial strain, or because they aren’t tech-savvy and are having a hard time with remote lessons. It is still possible to sign up new students during this time (I am seeing it… Read More

Online private lessons are one thing, but online group lessons and rehearsals are a monster of their own. Whether you’re teaching a group, rehearsing an ensemble piece, or trying to get everyone to play along to the same backing track - many of our first questions began with “How?” How do I make sur… Read More

Last week, we introduced Carol Dweck's concept of Fixed vs. Growth mindsets and how to encourage a growth mindset in students. But it’s not just the students who need to watch out for this - you, the teacher, can practice this too. You might be thinking in a fixed mindset and not even know it! As a … Read More

Teachers play an important role in the lives of their students. Many young people are shaped by their instructors from a very young age and you can see the effects of that shaping quite clearly. In terms of music, teachers are responsible for teaching their students how to play their instrument and … Read More