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Teachers play an important role in the lives of their students. Many young people are shaped by their instructors from a very young age and you can see the effects of that shaping quite clearly. In terms of music, teachers are responsible for teaching their students how to play their instrument and … Read More

Picture this: it’s the end of marching & football season and your students are turning in their pep band music. It inevitably ends up in a big pile at the end of the season that you (or some kind soul who agrees to help) have to sort through and reorganize for next year. Then you do it all over … Read More

How does Better Practice work in schools? We asked one of our high school band teachers a few questions on how it worked for them in a school setting. If you are a school looking to incorporate Better Practice in your classes, ask us about our school pricing! When did you first start using Better P… Read More

You may have heard of “Skype lessons” or online lessons, but it’s a fairly new area, taking off only in the past decade or so. A remote lesson is, basically, using video conferencing technology to give/take lessons. Mainly, it's used by teachers and students who live a long distance away from each o… Read More

It’s that time of year again! Exam prep season. Prepping students for exams - whether you use ABRSM (Royal Schools of Music), CM (Certificate of Merit), RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music), or anything else - can be a tough balance between stress and learning. Tests and exams can be a great opportunit… Read More

For a typical music school, 80 percent of students are youths. This means families are involved. Families are invested (in their child's growth but also... financially). They are the ones who pick up, drop off, sit through lessons, figure out the assignments and make sure their kids practice during … Read More