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What is Visualization? Visualization is the process of mentally experiencing or simulating an experience in order to prepare for it. It’s a technique that top performers have been using for decades and have been proven by countless studies to be effective. The goal is to have rehearsed a performance… Read More

This is a continuation from last week's article: How To Make A Habit Stick. Make sure you read that first to understand the steps we use below! This week, we'll explain and provide examples on how you can use these rules to create good practice habits. Use this worksheet to create your habit plan us… Read More

It’s the new year! Which means most of you have resolutions to create some sort of good habit this year (the most common of which are regularly going to the gym or eating right). However, most of you (80%, in fact!) are also going to drop these goals by February. Why are new habits so hard to stay c… Read More

It’s December!… Which means you hear the same songs being broadcast and performed everywhere you go, all the time. You sing along, almost mechanically, to the same lyrics you’ve heard every year since you were a child. Have you ever stopped to wonder where the lyrics came from? How old are these son… Read More

You practice sections over and over, yet when you go to play your whole piece you still stop and stumble at those same sections. Why is that? It’s because you haven’t been chaining. Chaining is incorporating a small section that you worked on gradually back into the larger piece. Usually, this is do… Read More

I’ve always been a paper-and-pen person. I took notes by hand all throughout college and printed all of my music - even though my backpack was a black hole of loose papers and I had a tablet that worked perfectly fine. I’d go into gigs with my trusty folder, barely holding together at the corners an… Read More

There’s one golden rule of practice I tell all of my students: fast is slow, and slow is fast. Meaning - fast practice is slow progress and slow practice is fast progress. But what do I mean by ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ practice? Students love rushing... There was a certain habit I saw a lot of my students h… Read More